Pitch for the future: Search is on for Oxfordshire’s most purposeful businesses

September 30, 2021

It isn’t hard to find organisations who pay lip service to green credentials. At Town Square Spaces coworking space in Elmsbrook, the UK's first and only eco village, it all runs a little deeper. The literal fabric of our workspace is a Passivhaus Plus building which sets the tone for how everyone in our community operates. We have limited parking, zero air conditioning, rain harvested water, to name but a few key details. Details which require our members to shift the way they work, and further the impact we’re having in our local environment. 

In that spirit we’re working with OxLEP Business and OSEP in order to foster the next generation of promising impact start ups, giving founders the opportunity to pitch their organisation to Green Angel Investors for the chance to win future investment and a four figure cash prize for the Audience's Favourite at the final. The Green Angel Syndicate exist to work proactively, supporting grass roots businesses to protect climate change from the ground up. 

Our experience over the last two years is that change isn’t easy. Not every business is ready to adapt to this way of working. Not every conversation is comfortable, nor possible to resolve. We’ve learned that articulating why it matters, and where necessary parting ways when you cannot align, requires both commercial and human courage. And, of course, it is absolutely worth the effort. 

The excitement of this competition is to work with those ambitious start ups who already possess our passion for making this approach to work matter. Supporting embryonic businesses is already in our DNA with our evening course, Start Up club. We couldn’t be more excited to partner with OxLEP in this venture and support the next, most impactful green businesses. 

To see if your business qualifies and join the competition, click the enquiry link here: