Meet The Member - Lemongrass

May 9, 2024


Mirjam Peternek-McCartney - CEO & Founder

Lemongrass is a travel PR agency founded in 2008 by Mirjam Peternek-McCartney.

The firm works with businesses in the travel industry from hotels and tourist boards to adventure brands and conservation activists, using a combination of data and human insights to develop measurable PR strategies.

Founder Mirjam has a lifelong passion for travel and set up her agency with a desire to create meaningful change in travel communications, helping clients to better understand their audiences, competitors and themselves.

Lemongrass joined Perch Coworking in May 2020 after Mirjam met Community Manager Lucy Wendon on an online networking session, prompted by its move to a new flexible working routine. In line with their new B Corp status, the team shifted to a four-day working week and now uses Monday as their contact day, on which it meets in person at Perch.

Mirjam said: “In a phase of change for the business, Perch was the ideal place to make our new base. The space and its values line up perfectly with ours as a B Corp company and our Mondays at the hub set a great tone for the rest of the week working from home, leaving the team feeling energised and inspired.”

The firm won multiple awards last year such as The Sunday Times Best Places to work 2023 as well as receiving nominations for the TTG Luxury Travel Awards and the Travel Media Awards.

Mirjam said: “We’re extremely proud of our development over the past few years and much of that has come down to being a part of a wider business community at Perch, where we’ve received so much support from the team there as well as our fellow members.

“We’re especially pleased to have become the first travel communications agency to achieve B Corp status. It was definitely one of our biggest challenges as a business and a long journey, but it was absolutely worth it!”